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100% soap free, zero waste, Ph Balanced Haircare

There is a shampoo and conditioner in our range to suit all hair types. If you are unsure which you should buy, message us with your concerns including your hair type we’re always happy to help. 

  • If you have very fine or fly away hair some recommend our clarifier shampoo with our fine or Curly girl conditioner. 
  • For curly hair many customers prefer to use the shampoo for your hair type then following up with the ‘Curly girl’ conditioner. 
  • If you suffer with a medical condition that affects your scalp or causes an itchy scalp we recommend buying our sample pack as the makeup of our bars differs to account of individual hair types and requirements.
  • Some just prefer a particular scent and buy accordingly.
Ecco friendly | natural fragrance | small batched | no animal testing
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