Doggy Soft- conditioner


Do you use conditioner on our hair if so why not use it on your best friends hair too?

This 50gm pack of power is equal to more than 2 standard bottles of conditioner. Zero Plastic waste- wrapped in paper and Kraft boxed to avoid plastic waste.
Formulated to cut oils and gently nourishes the coat.  With its Cocoa butter, coconut and added Vitamin b, its goal is to smooth and sooth your dogs skin while leaving the coat in easy to manage condition.


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Why use doggy conditioner?

It helps smooth the hair shaft, frees tangles while adding and extra layer of protection from the elements.

It simply gives their coat some extra TLC..


BTMS-25/50 mix, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocoa butter, coconut oil, oat protein, provitamin B5, Cetrimonium Chloride, Natural silicone, Chamomile Extract, liquid germall plus


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