Dish Soaper – Small


Natural Dish washing soap- Less toxins, Less waste, No Scent.
Simply better for you and the environment that’s the moto at Scent-Less!

White ripple ceramic dish filled with Dish soap.

This soap has been formulated for washing dish’s made with 95% coconut oil with its heavy duty cleaning power just for those tough jobs.

Simply pop this stylish ceramic bowl of soap on the bench by the sink.
Wipe the top of the soap with clean wet cloth or brush then rub (pre-rinsed) dishes to clean- rinse well under hot water for that streak free finish.
Wipe off soap to allow it to dry between uses-

Buy with: Just bowl of soap | bowl of soap & brush | bowl of soap & refill | bowl of soap, brush & refill | just refill


One round with an average weight 230+gms in a ceramic bowl.

Options: Just bowl of soap | bowl & brush | bowl and refill | bowl, brush and refill | just refill

All our soap labels are on recycled paper.

***there may be a slight difference in color due to variances in different computer screens. Each bar many differ slightly in weight as these are hand poured


Coconut oil, Sodium hydroxide(none remains after the saponification process), Castor oil, sodium citrate, Salt, Sugar.

Soap options

Bowl, Bowl & brush, Bowl and refill, Bowl, brush and refill, Refill only


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