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Featured Natural Shampoo bars

Natural Shampoo and conditioner bars
Eco friendly & Zero waste

There is a natural shampoo and conditioner in our range to suit all hair types. Just like buying liquid shampoo it can take a couple of options to find the right one just for your hair and scalp. If you are unsure which you should buy, message us with your hair type and concerns we’re always happy to help.

  • If you have very fine or fly away hair some recommend our clarifier shampoo with our Curly girl conditioner. 
  • For curly hair customers have found that using the shampoo for your hair type then following up with ‘Curly girl’ conditioner.
  • If you suffer with a medical condition that affects your scalp or causes an itchy scalp, we recommend buying our sample range as the makeup of our bars is different  so that we can account of individual requirements.
  • Some just prefer a particular scent and buy accordingly.

What do our customers say?

Wow my hair is so soft and shiny. I don’t need any extra product”- Jenna M (office manager)

I Love this product. The hand and body butter not only feels amazing but smells amazing too. Will definitely repurchase.– Hannah (marketing manager) 

Absolutely love these bars!  Saves so many plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles and still makes my hair look dam good'”– Chloe.ngarita  (Instagram review)

Hand made 'natural soap' collection

How do we get that great natural rustic finish on our bars? We  ‘Hot process’ our natural soaps because we love that look too but more than that, by following the traditional or what some call the “old fashioned” way of making soap that is cooking it, this accelerates the saponification process which simply means the oils and butters have been turned into soap when the hot process is finished, so not only is it saponified but it also retains it’s natural, rustic appearance as it molded after it is cooked thus its much thicker. We then leave our eco soap bars for 4-6 weeks (some up to a year) to allow a full curing.

Our ‘Natural Soap Bars‘ are all made with a gentle balanced blend of natural, organic and/or sustainably sourced oils and other environmentally sound ingredients- to look great and to feel amazing to use with their wonderful soft lather.  See our current range in store now.

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